43% of Indian Homes Don't Have TVs

India has around 320 million homes, but over 100 million don’t have a TV. That’s a lot of families missing out on shows. The Indian government wants to change this.

Forget about fancy Smart TVs or OTT apps. Nearly half of Indians don’t even have a basic TV.

The government asked people for ideas on how to help these families get TVs. They want to make sure TVs are affordable for everyone.

Right now, about 182 million households in India have TVs. But that’s not enough. They’re trying to figure out how to get TVs to over 100 million more homes.

India has plenty of TV channels and companies offering TV services. But still, many homes are without TVs. Some families can’t afford them, while others live in places where TV services aren’t available.

In some areas, it’s costly to set up TV services. But it’s important to help all families get access to TV. Everyone deserves to enjoy TV shows and stay informed.

It can take nearly 12-15 years for TV to reach 100 million homes that don’t have a TV at present.

TV is one of the first things a family buys, after a fan, once the home gets electricity. So while the country is approaching nearly 100% electricity, 43% of Indian families don’t own a TV.