Galla Jayadev

Guntur Sitting MP Galla Jayadev withdrew from Politics thanks to the Vendetta Politics of Jagan Mohan Reddy.

In his final political Pressmeet, Jayadev reveals how despite contributing 1200 Crore State Tax and 3800 Crore Central Tax, he is subjected to witchhunting by the state departments and central agencies like CBI and ED.

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Pemmasani Chandrasekhar came as his replacement and there are reports that he is likely to get a Central Cabinet Berth.

If Jayadev is still in politics, he would have easily won from Guntur and he would have been an easy choice from the Cabinet.

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Jayadev is an honest politician. He is the one who stirred a sensation across the country with his fiery speech addressing Narendra Modi as ‘Mr Prime Minister’ in the Parliament during the no-confidence motion. He won the second time despite a huge anti-incumbency wave against TDP due to that image.

Jayadev should have held on to the Politics for one last election and he would have been easily a Central Minister.

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Giving a cabinet berth for him would have also enhanced the image of TDP and also send a positive message about the industry-friendly environment in the state. It was an opportunity that got missed.

Anyways, the change in the Government in Andhra Pradesh and a Government in Delhi that is dependent on TDP will mean a conducive environment for the industries including his Amara Raja Group. He can freely do business without any harassment.