Ganja Addicts Threaten Office Goers

In recent times, Hyderabad has witnessed a heavy increase in drug-related activities. This trend is becoming dangerous, particularly for working women who are frequently encountering threats from Ganja addicts.

According to the reports, these drug addicts often engage in pickpocketing and other crimes, carrying blades to public places and harassing citizens.

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These individuals are mainly targeting women, threatening them with blades and demanding money. They typically release their victims upon receiving payment.

Various working women have reported troubles caused by these drug addicts at public locations such as bus stops.

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Reportedly, many individuals consume ganja before committing violent crimes. Some of them are also accused in cases of murder and snatching.

Victims have requested the police and government to take necessary measures to address the growing crimes and protect them from drug consumers.

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Chief Minister Revanth Reddy announced that the TSNAB has allocated Rs. 40 crore inorder to curb the drug problem and also stated that the government is in plans to establish dedicated police stations for the same.

It was stated that drug addicts and peddlers are active around bus stations, railway stations, schools, and colleges.

Their hotspots includes areas like Jubilee Bus Stand, Tank Bund, Tivoli Junction, Ameerpet, Ramanthapur, Bholakpur, and Nacharam.