Gowthu Sirisha

Is Minister Sidiri Appalaraju’s defeat in Palasa inevitable? Do YSRCP leaders want him to lose? Did the people vote for TDP to prevent giving another chance to someone they perceive as arrogant due to his ministerial position? The answer seems to be yes. Palasa constituency has traditionally been a stronghold of TDP.

Political analysts believe that in the 2019 elections, Sidiri Appalaraju, the YSRCP candidate, won largely due to YS Jagan’s influence. Sidiri, who contested for the first time in the last election, was recognized as a doctor and secured 10 percent of the votes. His own party leaders reveal that his arrogance after becoming a minister is why he will likely face defeat.

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Former minister Sardar Gowthu Lacchanna’s son, Gautu Shyamasundarasivaji, introduced his daughter Gowthu Sirisha as his political successor. In the 2019 elections, Sirisha stood for election, but Sidiri Appalaraju, who had some reputation in the area as a doctor, was allotted the YSRCP ticket.

Sidiri targeted Sirisha’s family to defeat her in that election, slandering her husband. When people realized there was no truth to the accusations, the damage had already been done. As a result, Palasa, which had been under TDP’s control, came under YSRCP’s control.

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In that election, Janasena and BJP contested separately and secured 5.11 percent of the votes. These two parties are not contesting in this election. Instead, they worked with TDP to defeat Sidiri. Like a warrior, TDP candidate Gauthu Sirisha exposed the Minister’s irregularities.

She countered the minister without being intimidated by cases or CID notices. TDP has created a situation in the constituency that has garnered significant public support. As a result, not only have the people but also Sidiri’s own social class tilted towards TDP.

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