Chandrababu-Naidu-High-CourtIt is known that Chandrababu Naidu’s team had filed for a quash petition in the skill development scam case. The case came to hearing in Andhra Pradesh High Court Today.

Chandrababu had a skilled set of lawyers, including two stalwarts, Siddharth Luthra and Harish Salve.

One of the prime arguments of Salve was “This is the stupidity of the allegation, this was a tax complaint, the money was given for centre, centres are up and running, whether they have inflated invoices, these are matters of their internal functioning, how are we concerned?”.

Government lawyer Rastogi stated “Please note, the petitioner (Naidu) was arrayed as an accused on 7th and arrested on 9th. Petition was filed on 12th and today is 19th. Only 10 days have passed, investigations has just commenced.”

Towards the end, the judge said enough has been heard in the case and it is time to wrap it up.

The judgement has been made and the same will be announced in two days from now, 21 September. The court’s order on the grounds quash petition will be out in two days from now.