Pawan Kalyan Patamsetti Suryachandra Vidivada Ramachandra Rao

Patamsetti Suryachandra (Jagampeta) and Vidivada Ramachandra Rao (Tanuku) are two young leaders of Janasena. Both of them are loyalists of Pawan Kalyan but unfortunately and unknowingly they have become Propaganda tools in the hands of Sakshi and YSR Congress.

Jagampeta and Tanuku have gone to the Telugu Desam Party in the alliance.

Patamsetti was previously in TDP and Vidivada is from the same community as TDP candidate Arimilli Radhakrishna. They have issues with local TDP leaders and after not getting the seat, along with the natural disappointment, their egos also got hurt.

But the way they handled the issue did not help their own cause and also played into the hands of the YSR Congress.

Patamsetti staged a fast-unto-death as a protest and also gave interviews to Sakshi in which he repeatedly said the common man should not expect tickets, my death should serve as a lesson to such people, etc.

He did not take Pawan Kalyan’s name at any stage but Sakshi used it.

YSR Congress’s social media wings are seen intelligently spreading the visuals of Patamsetti and his wife doing Deeksha and the Police foiling it. The video was embedded with a sad song to create an impression that Pawan Kalyan did a grave injustice to him.

In the case of Tanuku, Vidivada Ramachandra Rao is a different story. He is the first candidate to be announced by Pawan Kalyan when there is no alliance.

But then TDP’s Arimilli is a strong candidate and former MLA. Even in Jagan’s wave, he lost only by 1700 votes in the previous election. So, he was the natural choice there.

The way Vidivada’s men tried to attack physically Nadendla Manohar brought so much of a bad name to the party. Once again, he played into the hands of Sakshi and YSR Congress.

Patamsetti and Vidivada are young leaders but without patience. Even with so much popularity, Pawan Kalyan had to wait ten years to get into the Assembly. Patience is everything in Politics. Both of them hurt the party’s interests badly unknowingly.

Alliances are as such. Sometimes you have to make sacrifices. For example, TDP had to refuse a ticket to its Senior leader and former MLA Peela Govind to accommodate Janasena. It had to sacrifice Tenali’s seat to Nadendla Manohar leaving out its Senior leader Alapati Raja.

There is a mistake of Pawan Kalyan as well in this episode. He should have spoken to them before the announcement and pacified them.