APCID is after Ramoji Rao and Chandrababu Naidu in the name of various cases. Chandrababu Naidu was arrested and now, the target seems to be arresting Ramoji Rao.

After subscribers not coming forward to file any cases against Ramoji Rao, the Government got one Yuri Reddy to file a case.

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Yuri Reddy’s father Jagannath Reddy apparently had invested Rs 5,000 in 1962 when Margadarsi Chit Fund company started operations. He said that Ramoji Rao had given some shares in Jagannath Reddy’s name. The complaint is that Ramoji Rao grabbed the shares forcibly in 2016.

A case was registered under Section 42O, 467, 120-8, read with 34 IPC. Ramoji Rao and Shailaja Kiran were included as A1 and A2 in the case. The intentions are clear with non-bailable sections.

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Ramoji Rao approached the High Court to Quash the FIR and Senior Advocate Siddharth Luthra is representing Ramoji Rao.

I-PAC and YSR Congress Social Media teams entered the fray and are propagating that Chandrababu lent his lawyer to fight Ramoji Rao’s case.

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Senior Advocate Mukul Rohatgi is appearing for the State Government in Chandrababu’s case in the Supreme Court. The same Rohatgi fought against the state government on the issue of the state government’s decision to renegotiate Power Purchase Agreements. Mukul Rohatgi appeared on behalf of renewable energy-producing companies.

There are advocates who work taking money. They are not affiliated with any person or party. They work for their client and get paid for it. The same Siddharth Luthra who is arguing for Chandrababu and Ramoji Rao now may argue for the state government in another case.

This is an attempt to hoodwink the people in one name or the other by I-PAC and YSR Congress’s Social Media teams.