The verdict of the Voters of Andhra Pradesh is sealed in the EVMs and it will be out only on June 4th. Even for knowing the mood, we will have to wait till June 1st 6 PM to know the Exit Polls. There is a ban on the Exit Polls until then.

YSR Congress and TDP have their own estimations about their victory. The language and body language of TDP leaders are looking more confident, but it is not over until it is over.

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What if Jagan Wins? If Jagan wins, he will set a bad example to the Political Parties and Leaders across the country.

Jagan played a dangerous game in Andhra Pradesh for the last five years. He only depended on Welfare Schemes and Caste Equations.

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No Government has ever invested it’s everything on Populism. Jagan Mohan Reddy is only into Pressing Buttons and depositing money into accounts.

There is no investment in Capital Expenditure which means investing into something productive that gives results later. There is no concentration of minimum infra like roads. And bringing investments and creating jobs are completely alien concepts.

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And then, there are caste equations. Sugar coating it nicely with a name ‘Social Engineering’, Jagan was head to heels into Castes. He divided the society in the name of Caste and Class and tried to mint votes.

A non-performing Anil Kumar Yadav was shifted from Nellore to another District (Palnadu) eyeing two Lakhs of Yadav votes in the Narasaraopet Parliament. There are several movements like this in the name of Caste Equations.

And then, this word ‘Class War – Pettamdaarulu Vs Pedhalu’ coined by Jagan and was extensively used in the campaign. The actual meaning of these words is different.

Jagan tried to pit the poor against the middle-class/upper middle-class/rich and lower castes against the upper castes. There is an attempt to show those denouncing freebies and aspiring for development as villains.

Jagan tried to polarize the welfare schemes beneficiaries in the name of the class war.

So if Jagan wins, the parties inside the state and in other states will take this as a winning mantra and implement it.

That would only lead to bankrupt states with ruined infrastructure and joblessness. In the matter of 2-3 elections, the concerned States will go-to dogs.

We will have to see if the people of Andhra were clever enough to see through this!