Indian Origin As CEO For US Mobile Network GiantEffective from July 1, Sowmyanarayan Sampath has been elevated as the CEO (chief executive officer) and the executive vice president of Verizon Business.

Tami Erwin served as Verizon Business CEO since 2019, and now Sampath will succeed him as Erwin will assume the role of strategic advisor to the CEO until the year-end. The company said that Sowmyanarayan Sampath would report to Verizon Chairman and CEO Hans Vestberg.

Given Sampath is expected to continue the business momentum for Verizon.

Sampath, who joined Verizon in 2014, is presently serving as Verizon’s chief revenue officer. When he joined as SVP of business transformation, he created two of Verizon’s largest core initiatives – OneFiber and Network Transformation.

When he was promoted as the chief product officer for the consumer and enterprise businesses, Sampath spearheaded joint initiatives across networks, IoT, next-generation video, and developing a portfolio of the 5G product.

Since then, Sampath has been leading the commercial launch of the company’s 5G networks and multi-access edge computing solutions.

Sampath, who has his roots in India, said that he comes from a very diverse background, a mindset to learn, and a mission to lead with integrity and kindness during this critical moment of radical digitization.”

Verizon issued a statement that Sowmyanrayan Sampath brings over two decades of rich experience in digital transformation and critical network infrastructure, plus extensive knowledge of products and their role in powering the growth and global security of the company.