Inside Story: AP Govt Misled Chiranjeevi On Bheemla Nayak IssueMegastar Chiranjeevi tried his level best to resolve the ticket prices issue for Tollywood. He led a delegation to the Chief Minister convincing the stars and even pleaded with folded hands to convince him for the price hike.

The folded hands gesture moved everyone but the G.O. is not given until now. Probably that is to deliver the last punch to Pawan Kalyan by affecting his Bheemla Nayak. Chiranjeevi, however, tried his level best to bring the G.O. before Bheemla Nayak’s release, a source in the Bheemla Nayak team told us.

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“Chiranjeevi is in touch constantly with a minister and higher-ups in the Government. They were telling him that the G.O. will be out any time. On Wednesday (Pre-release event day), Chiranjeevi called the producers and said the G.O. will be out on Thursday. He asked the producers to thank the Government on the stage,” the source said.

“Pawan Kalyan obviously is not convinced. How can anyone say thanks in advance when there is no guarantee the G.O. would come. Also, such a move will impact Pawan Kalyan’s political career. It is clear that the Government is playing a game by misleading Chiranjeevi. So, there was no thanking session,” the source added.

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We all saw the drama unfold on Bheemla Nayak‘s release day. We are told that Chiranjeevi was so disturbed about the fact the government misled him in the entire episode and tried to play the game using him as a pawn,