Ys Sharmila

The reasons behind YS Sharmila’s absence from Revanth Reddy’s oath ceremony and the perceived lack of interest from the Congress High Command in her are speculative.

Sharmila’s comments against Revanth Reddy and the historical context of their interactions could be factors influencing the dynamics between them.

The absence of an invitation or attendance at a particular event does not necessarily indicate a lack of importance or interest. Even after the completion of the Telangana elections, YS Sharmila made hot comments against Revanth Reddy. She questioned the eligibility of Revanth to become Chief Minister of the state.

Sharmila made this statement just before the declaring the results in Telangana.

Revanth doesn’t have co-ordial relations with YSR family. Revanth completely against her existence in Telangana politics. When he was in TDP, Revanth lashed out YSR both in Assembly and outside of the Assembly.

It seems that Congress wants intentionally give low importance to YSR family.

The future role and involvement of YS Sharmila in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh politics may depend on the evolving political landscape, her engagement with the Congress High Command, and how she positions herself within the political scenario.