One of the many vague implementations of ex CM of AP YS Jagan Mohan Reddy was the Gadapa Gadapaku program where he asked his MLAs to go to their constituencies and interact with the public. Though Jagan was firm on imposing this, many of his MLAs weren’t proactive, fearing the massive public backlash.

Incidentally, in the meeting between the YCP candidates who lost the election and Jagan himself, this topic reportedly came to discussion.

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Reportedly, in the meeting, the YCP candidates told Jagan that they couldn’t gauge the public backlash while they were out on the Gadapa Gadapaku program. They reportedly told Jagan they weren’t expecting such a massive outrage.

Well, this in itself shows the kind of mega failure that the Gadapa Gaapaku program is. Had Jagan really enforced it to the fullest and sought actual feedback from the MLAs through public outreach, he might have gotten a feeler of the negative boiling against him. But he saw this program as a namesake one and it eventually drove him away from reality.

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Interestingly, Jagan didn’t appear to have grasped the anti-incumbency against him till the election results were out. He is possibly the most misinformed CM in the history of AP.