The other day, GHMC officials demolished the illegal encroachments near Jagan Mohan Reddy’s Lotus Pond Residence.

A few structures like security posts were unauthorized constructions that encroached upon the road, causing public inconvenience.

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GHMC officials acted on the complaints from the locals.

The Corporation ascertained that the complaints were legit and that demolition was necessary to restore public access and enforce building regulations.

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YSR Congress supporters were joined by BRS supporters who foul cried that it was a Gurudakshina for Chandrababu Naidu by Revanth Reddy.

24 hours after that, Khairatabad Zonal Commissioner of GHMC Bokharde Hemanth Sahadeorao an IAS officer of the 2018 batch was immediately relieved and asked to report in GAD, Telangana.

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Lotus Pond Residence in Khairatabad Zone and Sahadeorao obviously gave the orders for demolition.

It looks like Revanth Reddy is trying to do a balancing act.

With one shot, he tried to please the TDP voters who supported him in 2023, and at the same time, he could not afford to irk the influential Reddy community of Telangana Politics.

With the relieving of the Zonal Commissioner, he tried to pacify the Reddy Community.

But in Politics, you can not do the balancing always. On most occasions, it can only backfire making you distant to both sides.