Jagan-Job-Calendar-For-North-Indian-AstrologersAll is not well in the YSR Congress camp ever since the MLC elections. Even though the Chief Minister and the leaders are trying to put up a brave face, we can definitely sense worry in their voices.

The tall claims of Why Not 175? Why Not Kuppam? etc are gone from Jagan’s speeches. He is now pleading with people to save him (Mee Bidda) from defeat. The success of Lokesh’s Padayatra is worrying YSR Congress further.

At this juncture, Chandrababu released a mini-manifesto at the Mahanadu and further went for a kill.

Now YSR Congress is resorting to Gimmicks to influence public opinion.

In the last week, we have seen a surge of Astrologers starting to predict Jagan become the Chief Minister in 2024. There are many of them on Youtube all of a sudden.

We have also seen some of them predicting doom for Lokesh and Pawan Kalyan.

If we observe, most of such astrologers are from the North to give the impression they are impartial and also most revered.

But the basic question that arises here is why are these astrologers from the North interested in AP politics?

We all know the divide between North and South in politics. We see the people of the South interested in the politics of the North but the vice-versa is not true. The interest drops further when the BJP and Congress are in a race.

So, this interest of these North Astrologers is clearly orchestrated.

Jagan went back on the promise of a Job Calendar for youth but now, we have a job calendar for Astrologers across the country.