Chandrababu Naidu Ami ShahThere have been reports of a secret meeting between former Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu and BJP leaders. While the details of the discussions remain unknown, it is evident that this meeting was of political significance. The presence of both Amit Shah and JP Nadda in the meeting added to its importance. Initially, Chandrababu visited Amit Shah’s residence, and later JP Nadda joined the meeting.

It is rumored that the BJP is interested in collaborating with the TDP and that Amit Shah extended an invitation for the TDP to join the NDA. However, Chandrababu reportedly expressed concerns about working together in Andhra Pradesh, citing the perception that the BJP is providing full support to the YSRCP and its leader, Jagan Mohan Reddy.

It is believed that Chandrababu conveyed the sentiment among the people that the central government is not paying adequate attention to those who are allegedly violating laws and the constitution in Andhra Pradesh. Additionally, he is of the opinion that if the TDP were to align with the BJP at this point, it may result in a negative perception. Chandrababu wants Amit Shah and the BJP to take a stand against the YSRCP before any potential alliance is considered. According to TDP sources, the TDP will not immediately join the NDA unless the BJP distances itself from the YSRCP.

There are two main reasons why Amit Shah called Chandrababu to Delhi. First, the BJP seeks TDP’s support in Telangana following their setback in Karnataka. Second, central intelligence reports allegedly indicate that the YSRCP is expected to perform poorly in Andhra Pradesh. BJP leaders believe that extending a hand of friendship to Chandrababu in advance would be beneficial.