Nara Lokesh YS Jagan

Vendetta Politics have become common in Telugu Politics since YSR. KCR continued it later and Jagan Mohan Reddy took it to the next level by arresting the political opponents.

Now, the situation is such that even Chandrababu Naidu will be under tremendous pressure from the cadre to take revenge if TDP wins in 2024.

The common belief is the Reddy Community will be at the receiving end but then, Nara Lokesh says otherwise.

Guntur SIMS College Chairman Bharat Reddy who joined TDP recently revealed a private conversation with Lokesh.

“Lokesh asked me if Manavallu (Reddy community) are worried about vendetta politics. I told him it is natural to have such fear. He said – ‘From 2014-19, we had four Reddy Ministers and the same community leaders are leading the party in Rayalaseema. Why will we harass them?’,” Bharat Reddy said about their conversation.

He further added, “Lokesh also said – ‘I met so many Reddy contractors who have pending bills of 5000 Crore during my Padayatra. If we do not clear those bills in the TDP government, contractors will not come forward to tenders. Reddys are the majority of contractors. Then, all development work will stop. Even my speech writer is a Reddy. There will be no Vendetta Politics’. He said that with utmost clarity”.

The way how Lokesh thought harassing Reddy contractors will impact the development is heights of maturity. This is a progressive mindset Jagan lacks. Something he can learn from Lokesh even though the latter is younger and politically junior than Jagan.