YS Jagan Mohan Reddy who never cared about meeting his own leaders when in power is keeping Review meetings almost every day after the defeat.

The Visuals of the meeting without voices are being released to the media. Jagan is trying to indicate that he is not impacted by the defeat and the leaders still trust him.

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The other day, his speech to the MLC has been released. This is the first time a visual is released with voice. All the previous visuals are with background music.

Today, he is meeting Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha MPs.

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There are two noticeable aspects in Jagan’s speeches.

It is all one-way traffic in these meetings. Jagan is not listening to the MLAs/MLCs.

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He is giving lengthy speeches and sending them home. In the speech that was released the other day, he lists out all welfare schemes and says he does not know why he lost. He is also saying he would hit the streets and if necessary undertake a Padayatra.

He also started political criticism of Chandrababu Naidu.

Regarding the welfare schemes and saying he does not know why he lost, it is the same speech he gave immediately after losing on the Results Day.

If he is unable to figure out a reason, Jagan should be pondering on that first instead of these useless speeches.

Also before anything else, Jagan should realize that welfare schemes did not serve any purpose. That is very simple because if the people were satisfied, he would have won.

Only then, he would figure out something. If that did not happen, the mistakes will be never corrected.

Jagan and his leaders’ comments on EVMs are showing them as jokers to the people.

Also, making political comments on Chandrababu Naidu a day after his swearing-in ceremony is nothing but the moral bankruptcy of Jagan Mohan Reddy.

His comments about Political Yatras and Padayatras immediately after the results only showcased him as power-hungry.

If Jagan comes to the Assembly and speaks with this mindset, people will only see his ugly side.