YS Vivekananda Reddy Wife Sowbhagyamma

YS Vivekananda Reddy’s murder case has become a burning topic during this election season. The opposition parties condemned CM YS Jagan’s move to protect the accused individuals in the case.

On the other side, Viveka’s daughter Suneetha has been fighting for justice for the last five years. Still, Jagan’s stance hasn’t changed.

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Meanwhile, Viveka’s wife Soubhagyamma wrote an open letter to Jagan today, questioning his acts in dealing with her husband’s murder case.

In her letter, Soubhagyamma wrote, “You went through a lot of pain when your father passed away in 2009. Your sister Suneetha also went through the same pain when her father died in 2019. The circumstances that we went through in our family in the last five years were more hurting.”

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“Our family member was found to be involved in the murder. You are trying to shield him. Your newspaper, TV channel, and party leaders are making insensitive remarks about your uncle’s demise and you do nothing. Is this how you address the situation?” She questioned.

Soubhagyamma further went on to say, “Why do you remain silent while a few individuals attack your sisters who are fighting for justice? Don’t you feel troubled when your own sister, Sharmila, is targeted for supporting Suneetha? Regardless of family bonds, you possess the authority as Chief Minister to intervene and prevent your party leaders from targeting my daughters. But you didn’t do anything.”

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She concluded by saying, “How can you give an MP ticket to the person who is an accused in your uncle’s murder case? These acts are not right. I request you stop supporting criminals and stand for justice and righteousness. I request you to stand by the oath you made when taking the chair of a Chief Minister.”