Jagan’s I-PAC

The polling has concluded in Andhra Pradesh and everyone started predicting the election results. Many people believe the TDP-BJP-JSP alliance will achieve a thumping victory in the 2024 General Elections.

Even the betting activity across the state heavily favours candidates from the alliance. In regions like Nellore, Bheemavaram, and Kadapa, bets are being placed on the number of seats the alliance will secure and their majorities.

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The odds are very high for the people who are placing bets on YCP candidates, offering four rupees for every one rupee put. This shows the poor position of the ruling YCP after the elections.

Recently, AP Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy, speaking at the I-PAC office, confidently predicted his party would win more seats than in 2019. His party leaders went further and stated that Jagan would take oath as Chief Minister again on June 9.

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Neither Jagan nor his leaders’ speeches have affected the betting in Andhra Pradesh as people strongly believe the alliance would secure victory this time.

In February, bets predicted the YCP would win 60 seats. As Jagan’s campaign started, this number rose to 75 but again, it dipped back to 70 after polling. Current bets suggest the YCP will secure 70-73 seats.

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In contrast, bets predict the TDP will win 89-92 seats and the combined number of the alliance parties would be 104-107.

In Bheemavaram, betting amounts have reached around Rs. 150 crores, mostly on the alliance’s victory. Popular bets include the number of votes Sharmila will get in the Kadapa Lok Sabha elections and the majority for Raghu Rama Krishna Raju in Undi.

High stakes are given for people who place bets against Nara Lokesh’s performance in Mangalagiri, with five rupees for every one rupee bet on his loss.

Overall, betting in Andhra Pradesh is at its peak and most of these bets are being placed in favour of alliance candidates, indirectly hinting at its massive victory.