Jayprakash Narayana

The outgoing YSR Congress was completely annihilated in the recent Andhra Pradesh as the party was confined to just 11 MLA seats and 4 MP seats. This is an epic slip-up from 151 MLA seats and 22 MP seats. In this context, renowned political analyst Jayprakash Narayana made his argument heard and here’s what he said.

JP commented that Jagan assumed the role of a tyrant and started to attack anyone and everyone who questioned him.

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“The 5-year rule of YCP has been a mafia-like anarchy. Even leaders and employees got into this ugly trade and started charging commissions to get things done. It was a complete destruction of the social fabric. People got averted by this and they delivered a firm verdict.”

“At the liquor outlets, they imposed a cash-only policy that meant no one knew how much money was being transacted. The local leaders took their share and let this happen. Did they think people are fools to ignore this?”

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JP remarked that Jagan’s decision to move the capital was a senseless move. “Do you see any leader saying they want to change the capital just for the sake of it? Do you see Washington DC being changed as the capital once the government changes? Does Paris cease to be the capital if a government changes? Why couldn’t Jagan understand this?”.

The political analyst opined that Jagan misunderstood the public mandate for a revolution and thought that he would be in power forever. He commented that Jagan’s rule has been nothing short of tyrany.

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