Indian IIT Job Crisis

The Indian Institute of Technology establishments are a few of the most reputed educational outlets in the country. But despite the tall reputation, the IITs in India have seen a shocking decline in the employment rate.

According to the latest reports, of the total 21,500 IIT students from the 2024 batch, only 13,400 got placed, while 8,100 didn’t get placed. This means that 38% of the IITians didn’t get placed in this year’s drive.

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Compared to the statistics from the last two years, the unemployment numbers in the IIT have gone up by a 100%, day reports.

The global slowdown and the weak job market have shown their impact on India’s finest institutions with the most equipped of students unable to find jobs at their colleges.

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These numbers are related to the 23 IIT outlets across the country so these numbers are relevant to all the institutions. This down trend is a worrisome sign for those involved.