Jr NTR celebrated his birthday on the 20th of May and he was flooded with wishes from all quarters. Tarak took time to reply to star celebrities who socially wished him on the occasion.

But, there was an attention-grabbing incident the other day which has triggered JanaSena and Pawan Kalyan’s supporters.

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Incidentally, Pawan Kalyan conveyed birthday wishes to NTR through the JSP letterhead. These wishes were shared through the JSP handle on Twitter.

On the flip side, Tarak, who replied to star celebrities who wished him, didn’t reply to the JSP tweet. This triggered Pawan’s fans and they are firing at NTR saying he intentionally avoided replying to the JSP tweet in his birthday.

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This is nothing but another case of social media drama. It is an established fact that NTR and Pawan share a very good rapport, as was seen multiple times in the past.

Had the wishes come from PK’s handle, Tarak might’ve certainly replied, like how he did with Ram Charan, Allu Arjun, Mahesh Babu, and Chiranjeevi’s posts. There’s a chance he might’ve missed the post from the JSP letterhead and JSP handle.

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