Chandrababu Naidu Pawan KalyanKarnataka is done and dusted. BJP lost its only state in the South despite an all-out attack by the Prime Minister and Amit Shah. All the tricks in the trade – Central Agencies, Modi’s popularity, and Communal politics have failed.

This is a personal defeat for Modi himself as the election was made as ‘Modi Vs Congress’.

If there are lessons to be learned from this election, there is one for Chandrababu Naidu and Pawan Kalyan as well.

Both parties are keen on having BJP in their alliance. While Chandrababu is less vocal about it, Pawan Kalyan is more vocal.

But then, Karnataka results should be nothing but an eye-opener for both leaders.

Firstly, they should stop taking the ‘Central Support’ seriously. It is proven beyond doubt the Central agencies and the Prime Minister together also can not save an election.

If they can not do that for themselves, they can not do it for Jagan too if the people have their backs supporting TDP and Janasena.

If they do not stop their desperation, BJP will try to squeeze in more seats which are very dangerous.

YSR Congress will run over BJP in all the seats that are given to the Saffron Party.

YSR Congress will have an advantage in these seats and the target will become easier for Jagan if this number is high.

Moreover, there is a substantial number of seats in Rayalaseema where Muslims are deciding factor. TDP will be disadvantaged in these seats if there is an alliance with BJP. YSR Congress will have an advantage in Rayalaseema, which will help the party further.

Also, they will have to answer what has changed from their earlier stance of BJP cheating Andhra Pradesh. In all the ways, BJP is nothing but baggage.

BJP is at Zero seats and less than 1% Vote Share in Andhra Pradesh. It is better for both leaders to ignore the party and let it rot at the bottom of the table.