KCR Goes Missing

In a satirical twist, Gajwel town is covered with posters declaring, “KCR is missing…”

This comes as Telangana’s ex-Chief Minister, K. Chandrashekar Rao, faces criticism for his alleged absence in the constituency he has represented for three consecutive terms.

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The posters, which have caught the attention of many residents, were put up by BJP leaders during a rally. The move is part of a larger campaign to highlight KCR’s alleged absence from Gajwel, despite his electoral success.

The posters, put up by BJP activists in the Gajwel Assembly constituency, have caused a stir in Medak district. They state that the BRS president and former Chief Minister K. Chandrashekar Rao (KCR) has gone missing.

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The posters detail KCR’s qualifications and responsibilities, noting that he has read thousands of books and served as both the Chief Minister of Telangana and the MLA of the Gajwel constituency.

One poster, listing KCR’s age, also mentioned that he earns Rs.1 crore per acre. A reward was also announced for anyone who could provide information about his whereabouts.

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The BJP leaders released these posters in Gajwel town and complained to the local police station, requesting action against KCR, who has reportedly been unavailable for the last few weeks.