In April, Telangana proudly revealed its new Secretariat building, a historic moment led by former Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao. The inauguration saw KCR personally taking charge after a Vedic ritual conducted by priests.

This cutting-edge Secretariat was KCR’s brainchild, born from his belief that the old structure didn’t align with Vastu principles. He avoided going to the old Secretariat building for 9 years as he felt it was not auspicious. The meticulously crafted new one was built guided by KCR’s vision.

With a whopping investment of 600 crores, the new Secretariat reportedly adheres to Vastu, a design philosophy KCR deemed crucial for him and his party. The emphasis on the number ‘6’ during construction, evident in everything from floors to conference halls, became a defining theme.

However, despite the dramatic efforts to ensure the building brought favor to KCR, the recent elections took an unexpected turn, with Congress securing victory and dethroning KCR as BRS suffered a humiliating defeat.

Despite being initially celebrated as Telangana’s reconstruction, the new Secretariat now faces criticism in the aftermath of the political setback. People are questioning the justification for spending hundreds of crores of public money on the project.

In the end, one undeniable truth emerges—the new Secretariat building has, unfortunately, brought inauspiciousness for KCR and his party.