Kesineni Nani Curse

Kesineni Nani is one of the three MPs who won on a TDP ticket in 2019 despite a strong Jagan wave that engulfed the state.

Nani had good relations with Ratan Tata and also Union Minister Nitin Gadkari. He used them to do some good work between 2014 and 2019.

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But then, Nani’s bad behavior hurt him very much. He is arrogant and has been involved in issues with all the senior TDP leaders in the Krishna district.

He tried to have his own coterie in the district which hurt the party’s chances in Municipal Elections.

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His daughter Swetha won as a Corporator but TDP lost in the Vijayawada Municipal Corporation elections.

After the corporation’s loss, Chandrababu lost confidence in Nani. He was denied a ticket and his brother Chinni was given one.

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Despite knowing that Vijayawada Parliament is YSR Congress’s weakest seat, Nani trusted Jagan.

Nani joined the YSR Congress and lost. Chinni won a thumping 282,085 votes majority.

YSR Congress drew a blank not only in Vijayawada but also in the entire Krishna district.

This is a humiliating defeat for Nani who under-estimated the party’s strength and over-estimated his own.

In the process, Nani killed his own political career and also his daughter’s.

If he is in the Telugu Desam Party, he would have been in the race for the Central Cabinet Berth today.

It would have been also easy for him due to his contacts in Delhi.

He must be cursing his fate now!