Kinjarapu Atchannaidu

Kinjarapu Atchannaidu is the brother of Late Yerrannaidu, a close-aide of Chandrababu Naidu. Known for his loyalty to the TDP chief, he is now one of the crucial members of CBN’s cabinet.

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Today, as he takes oath as a minister, the TDP supporters are reminded of those days when the previous government troubled him with false cases.

Atchannaidu has been a member of the Legislative Assembly representing the Tekkali constituency from the Telugu Desam Party since 2014 and has been the chief of the state’s TDP since October 2020.

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On this same day in 2020, he was arrested in a False Case. He was arrested with allegations that he committed some irregularities in the government when he was a minister during 2014-2019.

However, there was not a single piece of evidence against him to prove the case. Even in 2021, the then YSRCP government tried to trouble him with another false case, alleging that he intimidated a YSRCP leader.

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Today, Atchannaidu overcame all the troubles and dodged all the barriers to become the minister. The word is that he will be given an important portfolio in CBN’s cabinet.

He patiently waited for his turn to prove everyone that he is honest and today, the people are with him.

It is interesting to note that CBN made Yerrannaidu’s son Ram Mohan Naidu as a Union Minister and Yerrannaidu’s son-in-law, Adireddy Vasu as Rajamahendravaram City MLA.