KTR Now Understood Why Jagan Lost

BRS Working President K Taraka Ramarao was at the receiving end for playing for YSR Congress in recent elections.

KTR did not change even after the elections. The other day, talking to the media, KTR said he did not understand why Jagan lost even though he gave so many freebies.

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This comment drew huge ire from the people of Andhra Pradesh.

They mocked KTR saying he should worry about why BRS lost in the Assembly and drew a blank in the Parliament elections rather than pocking his nose into Andhra Pradesh affairs.

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Meanwhile, in just two days after KTR’s comment, he may have got the answer.

Bloomberg has reported that Chandrababu Naidu is demanding financial support (from the Central Government) of more than 1 trillion rupees ($12 billion) for Andhra Pradesh.

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Quoting a tweet containing the report, KTR wrote, “This is how you get your way in Delhi. By voting for strong regional parties that can deliver the goods. I hope people of Telangana are watching closely స్వీయ రాజకీయ అస్థిత్వమే తెలంగాణకు శ్రీరామ రక్ష”.

Even though KTR tried to use it for the benefit of BRS, he indirectly acknowledged Chandrababu’s efforts for Andhra Pradesh.

The same KTR and BRS leaders like Harish Rao used to mock Andhra Pradesh for lacking basic amenities like roads during Jagan’s rule.

This should be an eye-opener for KTR about why Jagan lost in the recent elections.