KTR Reaction

Just a night before the 2023 Telangana election results were announced, KTR confidently proclaimed that his party, BRS, was on track to secure a third consecutive victory—a hat trick in the making.

However, the following day, the results revealed a crushing defeat for BRS as Congress formed the government.

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Now the exit polls for the Lok Sabha elections predict that BRS might not even win one MP seat from Telangana. According to these exit polls, BRS party has been washed out in the Lok Sabha elections.

When confronted by the media about winning zero Lok Sabha seats, a dejected KTR responded, “Let the actual results come out.”

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If the exit poll results are accurate on June 4, it will imply that BRS’s voter base has shifted entirely to the BJP.

The BJP has a history of capitalizing on such moments of weakness, often wiping out regional parties like BRS when they suffer significant losses. They always make sure regional parties are wiped out and only Congress remains their opposition.

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With this potential defeat, BRS faces the risk of losing its significance and relevance in Telangana politics. The future political landscape of the state might be dominated by a direct contest between Congress and the BJP, with BRS nowhere in the picture.