Voter-ListAndhrajyothy published a story that says Lakhs of Votes in Andhra Pradesh are being removed on one name or the other. The story says volunteers in the state are after the voters of the Opposition and are filing removal applications.

And Election Commission is doing nothing about it.

Usually, when a vote is to be removed, if it is of a dead person, a notice has to be served to the family members. If the notice is for the removal of the vote due to address shift, the notice has to be served to the neighbors. If the removal is due to dual entries, the concerned person should be given a notice.

No notices are being given and the votes are being directly removed. The Central Election Commission gave strict orders not to involve Volunteers in any election-related duty but it is not being followed.

Removal of votes should be done only by the BLOs of the Election Commission. But volunteers have taken their place.

In the recently released revised voters list, close to 10 Lakh votes were removed for various reasons.

TDP had decided to check the voters list every month at the village and ward level and complain to the EC if TDP voters are being removed. A team has been appointed at the party’s Central Headquarters to oversee the exercise.