YS-Vivekananda-Reddy-LetterThe YS Viveka murder case has hit the penultimate stage with the CBI amping up the investigation and the prime suspect, YS Avinash Reddy being called for multiple investigations.

In a new development, the final letter written by Viveka just before his death is now set to undergo a Ninhydrin test which is a kind of a chemical test.

It was previously established that the letter was indeed written by Viveka but he was under great pressure and tension while writing it. Now, the CBI has gotten the permission from the CBI court to send the letter for the ninhydrin test.

This test will help determine if there are any other fingerprints on the letter. This will be a crucial step in the investigation.

Viveka’s driver Dastagari had already stated that Viveka was forced to write the letter and he was under great pressure. Now, the chemical test on the letter will be conclusive evidence if there is any foul play.

The letter has been sent to the central forensic laboratory and the results are set to be furnished to the CBI soon.