Nara Lokesh lost his first election in 2019.

Lokesh did not flee the constituency after the defeat and worked hard to win the confidence of the electorate there.

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Today, all surveys project a very comfortable victory for Lokesh in the coming elections.

Jagan changed four in charges in Mangalagiri as he struggled to find a candidate to defeat the Nara Scion.

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Finally, he zeroed in on a girl named Lavanya hoping that BC and Woman card would work. But then, it looks like she is no match for Lokesh.

TDP Guntur MP Candidate Pemmasani Chandrasekhar reportedly did a survey and revealed the details in an interview.

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“YSR Congress candidate is getting 37-38% votes. Lokesh is looking at a minimum of 57-60%. Lokesh is at least twenty percent vote share ahead. Lokesh ran 29 schemes in Mangalagiri with his own funds. This helped him connect with the people,” Pemmasani revealed.

If we say 2.5 Lakh votes are polled in Mangalagiri Lokesh is 20% votes ahead. He is likely to get 50,000 votes majority and that would be historic.

In the 2019 elections, Lokesh lost by a margin of 5,337 votes. He vowed to win by the same majority by adding a zero at the end i.e., 53,370 votes.

If that target is breached, it will be a historic comeback by Lokesh.

Lokesh risked contesting from a constituency where TDP did not win after 1985 and paid a hefty price for it in 2019. Blue Media would write numerous stories that he would flee to some other constituency preferably some Kamma-dominated constituency.

Kamma community is just 8% in Mangalagiri.

But he did not go back and is finding it where he lost.