People’s issues will be resolved immediately when there is a proactive government in the state. The people of Andhra Pradesh, who were fed up with the negligent governance of the YSR Congress over the past few years, chose to elect the NDA government in this year’s elections.

As expected, the change has been evident in less than a month since Chandrababu Naidu took charge as the Chief Minister.

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The CM, Deputy CM, and the cabinet ministers are actively engaging with the public and addressing their concerns. They are working to resolve people’s problems as soon as possible.

In a recent incident, Minister of Energy Gottipati Ravikumar resolved a farmer’s three-year-old problem within three hours.

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Getting into details, Gangayya is a farmer from Nagasanipalle village located in the YSR Kadapa district. The electricity cables used to touch the land in his agricultural field, making it difficult for him to farm.

Whenever he worked, Gangayya and his family used to lift the cables with wooden sticks to perform farming.

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They approached the officials of the electricity department and political leaders multiple times over the last three years to resolve the problem.

However, none of them responded. Ironically, the issue occurred in former Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy’s home district. That was the sad situation of people in his own district during his rule.

Recently, when Gangayya was farming by lifting the wires, a few people recorded a video and shared it on social media.

Eventually, the issue came to Gottipati’s notice. Immediately, he ordered the concerned officials to resolve the issue. Within three hours, officials went to the site and resolved the issue.

With this kind of proactive governance, Chandrababu and co. are receiving laurels from people across the state.