Devineni-UmaDevineni Uma handled the crucial irrigation ministry in 2014-19. He played a crucial role in the Krishna district during that period. Along with TDP, Uma also lost the election in 2019.

Now, Uma is facing a new headache in his Mylavaram constituency. Uma is non-local in the constituency. He belongs to the Nandigama constituency which is SC-reserved. So, a faction in the TDP of the constituency is working against Uma.

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Bommasani Subbarao expected a YSRCP ticket from Mylavaram in 2014 and contested as an independent. He split the votes helping Uma win.

Later, Bommasani joined TDP and is expecting the Mylavaram ticket for 2024. He is leading the anti-Uma faction in Mylavaram. Bommasani recently held a meeting in the constituency raking non-local issues.

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In the name of a party-strengthening meeting, Bommasani made indirect comments about Uma. If Bommasani does not cooperate with Uma in 2024, the former minister will be at receiving end like how it happened to the YSRCP candidate in 2014.

If TDP decides to give Bommasani a chance, Uma may have to be relocated somewhere else.

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