Nagababu vs Allu Arjun

Nagababu has the knack of pinching his political opponents through sarcastic tweets. He appeared to have done the same as he recently tweeted “Those who stand with us but support our opponents are our enemies.” This tweet led to a commotion that Nagababu aimed the gun at Allu Arjun who campaigned for YCP’s Silpa Ravi.

In response, Nagababu deleted the old tweet and later tweeted out “I have deleted my tweet” after an outcry from Allu Arjun’s fans.

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But as it turns out, Nagababu’s new tweet has led to a controversy in itself. Netizens are amused by the fact that Nagababu indirectly confirmed that his earlier tweet was indeed about Allu Arjun.

“Had Nagababu clarified on the earlier tweet and confirmed it wasn’t based on Allu Arjun, it would’ve ended well. But the fact that he deleted the tweet in midst of turmoil with Allu Arjun fans confirms that he indeed tweeted about Allu Arjun in the first place. It is clear the Nagababu intentionally posted about Allu Arjun back then.” A netizen remarked.

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Either way, with the election fever truly setting in, there will be multiple theories spun around every movement of these personalities. All that matters is the big result on June 4th.