Balakrishna's Aarogya Radham For HindupurPopular Star Hero and Hindupura MLA Nandamuri Balakrishna will soon launch an innovative program to provide free medical services to the people of his constituency.

NTR Free Aarogya Radham has been prepared at a cost of Rs.40 lakh to conduct more than 200 diagnostic tests, doctor’s consultations, maternal and child care, and health awareness seminars in the villages.

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It reached Hindupur on Saturday and will be launched soon.

This vehicle carries a doctor, a nurse, a pharmacist, a computer operator, six medical staff, and a medicine counter. Common diseases are treated there and medicines are distributed free of cost.

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Those requiring other medical services are referred to larger hospitals. This vehicle will go to a village every day. “Arogyamastu for all… Shubhamastu for every house… Mana Hindupuram, Mana Balayya” is painted on the chariot.

Balayya who won from the Hindupur constituency two times is keen on completing a hattrick in 2024.

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