Nara Lokesh 2.0: A New Leader To Rise In Andhra Pradesh

Nara Lokesh took oath as a Minister in Chandrababu Naidu’s cabinet today.

He has been the best-performing Minister during 2014-19 handling the IT and Rural Development Portfolios. But then, Lokesh got tangled in the vicious trap laid by I-PAC. He ignored countering the campaign and paid the price for it by losing his maiden election in 2019.

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Lokesh transformed himself after the defeat. He shed lots of weight and got a grip on the party affairs and all issues pertaining to Public welfare.

When the morale of the TDP cadre was down, he took a historic Padayatra of 3,132 Kilometers. If not for Chandrababu’s arrest, he would have set a new record of walking 4,000 Kilometers, the highest among any Telugu Politician.

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He went closer to the people and understood their aspirations and problems.

Lokesh who studied abroad initially struggled with his speeches but after the transformation, he is one of the best speakers in the state today. He has the aggression as well as the subject that is needed to become a good leader.

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Mangalagiri is one constituency TDP did not win after 1989. He did not shy away from contesting a difficult seat. And he did not leave the seat even after the 2019 election defeat.

In 2024, he has the highest majority (91,413 votes majority) among all the celebrities.

Lokesh already proved his subject skills in 2014-19. He gained knowledge about the people’s problems now and his oratory skills were among the best.

All these are deadly combinations, and Andhra Pradesh is likely to witness the rise of a new leader in Andhra Pradesh in the next five years.