Pawan-Kalyan-Nara-Lokesh-o-Start-Ground-Level-AttackAndhra Pradesh politics are in overdrive mode now with the arrest of Chandrababu Naidu. The public is entirely focused on this topic now and the onus is now on Nara Lokesh and Pawan Kalyan to convert this public outrage into electoral voting trends with the elections not too far from now.

In a new development, both Lokesh and Pawan are set to step into the public forum simultaneously.

Lokesh is set to resume the Yuvagalam Yatra in a few days and now, Pawan Kalyan has announced that he will resume the Varahi Vijaya Yatra on the 1st of October. These two political tours will start almost at the same time.

With Lokesh and Pawan both going into the public at the same time, this presents them with a perfect opportunity to launch an all-out attack on Jagan.

Lokesh is tuned in with mass speeches after completing over 200 days of Yuvagalam, and on the other hand, Pawan has the star campaigner factor. They can effectively condemn the arrest of Chandrababu and point out the questionable circumstances in which the arrest happened.

With the public already rethinking the circumstances in which CBN was arrested, Lokesh and Pawan have the opportunity to turn the public backlash in favor of the TDP-JSP alliance. They can capitalize on Jagan’s miscalculation.