Nara Lokesh - First Telugu Politician To Go ThereWe have seen celebrities coming on Twitter spaces and interacting with fans. The new feature launched by Twitter has become very popular in recent times. It looks like Spaces will also become a platform for politicians as well to reach out to their cadre and the masses.

TDP General Secretary Nara Lokesh may be the first politician to make his Spaces debut. He will be coming online on TDP’s social media team – iTDP Twitter account. The session will go on for 60 minutes and will be about the ‘Problems faced by the TDP party workers on the ground’.

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Lokesh will tell how the party will work towards addressing them. This is a unique attempt because spaces on Twitter is an open feature and anyone can join the space. That makes the contents public to everyone irrespective of the political party affiliations.

It has to be seen if the young leader will also take questions! Lokesh has intensely worked on his communication in the last couple of years and is trying to connect with the people and cadre more often.

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