Nara LokeshTelugu Desam Party next-gen leader Nara Lokesh has been camping in Delhi, orchestrating the attempts to get his father Chandrababu Naidu relieved from the allegations scaled against him by the YCP government and the consequent remand.

Coming to the topic, Lokesh has used this opportunity to build his image.

Now, Lokesh has taken a dig at TV9 and NTV, which have been running deceptive stories on the arrest of Chandrababu Naidu. He trolled them at a media conference in Delhi.

When Lokesh called for a media meet in Delhi, TV9 and NTV representatives showed up and then, something interesting happened.

Lokesh sidelined the mics belonging to other media channels and placed TV9 and NTV mice in the middle and he was even seen handing over a mic to TV9. This was clearly a satire on these two media houses which have been supporting YCP and projecting an inexistant leadership crisis in TDP.

TV9 has been running fabricated campaigns of CBN’s arrest and has completely taken the pro-YCP stance. Same is the case with NTV as well. Lokesh has subtly trolled them both with this satirical act as he seemed to highlight them, only to imply that they’ve lost their value with their fabricated approach to help save the face of YCP and belittle TDP.