The YCP government and its leaders have their own way of targeting whoever comes their way. The latest target for the party now is budding OTT actor and social media famous lad, Mouli, who was recently seen in the well-received show, 90’s – A Middle Class Biopic.

At a closed-door event, Mouli sarcastically commented about the capital of Andhra Pradesh. In a viral video, he is seen saying “There is something in the fist that I can vanish immediately.” When the audience is wondering, he replies “It is the capital of Andhra Pradesh, don’t search for it, you will not find it anywhere.”

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This has anguished the YCP troops on social media and they have started to abuse the young actor for his comment on the capital of AP. They are abusing him for the comment on the capital issue.

Not considering the fact that comics usually make such social comments as a part of their acts, YCP has started to abuse youngsters. Usually, we see other comics in India passing social comments on the government of India, and also on the state governments on a lighter note. But this doesn’t apply in the case of AP and the same is to be understood here with the case of Mouli.

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