YS Jagan Mohan Reddy is currently stuck at a crossroads. The humiliating defeat is killing him from inside and the road ahead looks very blurry.

At this time, Jagan seems to be relying on his tested formula of Yatras in the name of death.

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In his YSR Congress’s Extensive Meeting today, he informed the leaders of his idea of doing an Odarpu Yatra. Jagan claims many have killed themselves unable to digest YSR Congress’s defeat in recent elections. He also claims many YSR Congress workers have been killed after the Polling.

The Yatra will happen in December or January.

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Jagan has this habit of doing Yatra in Opposition and locking himself in Palaces after winning.

He did an Odarpu Yatra in 2012 in the name of consoling families where people were killed due to YSR’s demise. Back then, it was exposed that several natural deaths were added to YSR’s account and Jagan did an Odarpu Yatra for his political mileage.

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This Odarpu Yatra is on similar lines.

If there are any deaths due to Jagan’s defeat, Jagan himself is the reason for them.

He clearly lured the YSRCP Cadre into Betting with his statement at the I-PAC office and Fake Survey by AARAA Masthan.

They demand an apology rather than his Odarpu.

Before 2019, Padayatra helped Jagan come to Power.

After coming to power, people understood the real side of Jagan as he closed himself in a Palace and would not come into the people unless the road was covered with curtains on both sides.

So, these Fake Yatras are unlikely to yield any results this time as Jagan’s real side is exposed.

Meanwhile, if anybody requires Odarpu right now, it is Jagan himself. Only Jagan is impacted by Jagan’s loss. People are least bothered.