Nara Lokesh has created a sensation with ‘Red Book’ in his Padayatra. Lokesh always carried the book and used to say he would write the names of erring officials and those who troubled the TDP cadre in that book.

He promised to open the book when in power and pay them the price.

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After the elections, ‘Red Book’ became the talk of AP Politics. TDP cadre started discussing the execution of Red Book.

Demolition of the YSRCP Tadepalli Office, Pinnelli’s Arrest, Re-opening of the TDP office attack case, and many other incidents indicate Red Book implementation already started. But the TDP cadre wants more.

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After TDP’s victory, Red Book is most discussed and we have also seen Flexis in some areas in the name of the Red Book.

Meanwhile, BRS MLA Padi Kaushik Reddy started a ‘Black Book’ similar to Lokesh’s Red Book.

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That is the acceptance Lokesh got.

On the other hand, a production house registered the title ‘Red Book’ with the Telugu Film Chamber of Commerce.

There is this trend of Production houses registering titles and making films with them when some words become Buzz Words in people.

Registering the title ‘Red Book’ indicates the Word’s penetration in the people.

From being a victim of a malicious campaign before 2019 and losing from Mangalagiri to winning with a Record Majority and this level of acceptance, Nara Lokesh’s progression is sensational.