In the recent state assembly sessions, YS Jagan Mohan Reddy announced that Andhra Pradesh would have three capitals: Amaravati, Vizag, and Kurnool. Despite this, the YSRCP faced significant rejection from voters in all three locations, highlighting the public’s dissatisfaction with the party’s governance.

Visuals of the Rushikonda palace in Vizag drew public attention to the opulent and controversial constructions by YSRCP. Now, similar attention has shifted to another construction in Kurnool. Located at the five-road intersection near the railway station, a grand structure under the guise of the YSRCP District Office is being built.

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This property, valued at over 100 crores INR, originally belonged to AP State Agro Industries Development Corporation Limited (AP Agros).

The construction is on a prime 3.40-acre plot allocated for a farmer training center back in 1979. Despite being left vacant since 2014-15 when AP Agros moved its operations, the land remained a target for various political interests.

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In 2023, the YSRCP began building their district office on this land without the necessary approvals from the Kurnool Municipal Corporation, violating town planning regulations and avoiding requisite taxes and fees.

The construction, much like the Rushikonda palace, signifies a blatant disregard for legal procedures and public property use. It showcases the YSRCP’s misuse of power and resources, turning public and designated lands into personal or party estates.

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This ongoing construction, without proper authorization, further exemplifies the party’s audacity and disrespect for established norms and regulations, contributing to the increasing public and political scrutiny of their actions.