Amaravati Is AP Capital

Despite the desperate attempt from the YCP government to move the capital from Amaravati and take forward the three capitals proposal, they are unable to get things done.

AP High Court already confirmed Amaravati is the only recognized capital of AP and the government has challenged this call at the Supreme Court.

Now the central government has passed a strong and decisive statement on the capital of Andhra Pradesh.

In the newly released report by Kaushal Kumar, the deputy minister of the Urban Development Department, Amaravati is mentioned as the only recognized capital of AP.

The center imprinted the masterplans of the 28 states in India and in this, Amaravati is marked as the only capital of AP state. It is added that Amaravati’s master plan has been approved by the center and it will remain that way.

This is in response to the question raised by Rajyasabha MP Javed Ali Khan in the parliament as the center gave it in writing that Amaravati will be regarded as the capital of AP in the official record books.