YS-Jagan-Reddy-CommunityCaste and politics are never separable. We always see politicians wooing voters in the name of caste. But caste politics took the ugliest turn ever since YSR Congress became the main opposition party in 2014.

2014-2019 is a crucial period for Andhra Pradesh due to hardships induced by the state bifurcation. People believed only Chandrababu Naidu can save the state from this mess and voted for him.

Naidu realized the need for a Growth Engine for the state and embarked on the mission of building Amaravati. YSR Congress unleashed caste to kill the potential growth engine. It all started calling Amaravati Kammaravati.

Since then, the caste and the capital was made as if they are enemies of mankind. With various propagandas, the Kamma community was vilified and Amaravati was nipped in the bud.

Now after the Kamma community, it is the turn of the Kapu community. Jagan killed the Kapu reservations movement by announcing reservations are not possible. He also scrapped the 5% quota to the community given by Naidu in the EWS quota.

The Kapu community did not react. That’s when the community lost the plot. Now, a former Minister has the audacity to call the community as ‘Kapu Naa Kodukulu’ in front of the media. YSR Congress ecosystem is so confident that they can get scott-free.

For YSR Congress and its leaders, no community other than the Reddy community is noble. They treat other communities like scrap. Jagan kills the self-esteem of the communities by deploying leaders of the same caste to abuse the main leaders of their own community.

We will see Kodali Nani abusing Chandrababu. Perni Nani and Gudivada Amar abuse Pawan Kalyan.

YSR Congress will control leaders like Mudragada so as to silence dissent about Nani’s comments. That way they will normalize the abuse of the Kapu community like how they did for the Kamma community.

In days to come, we will see YSR Congress leaders abusing the Kapu community very easily.

In the end, only the Reddy community will sit safely. Only that community will remain noble and the other communities will become Kamma Na Kodukulu, Kapu Na Kodukulu…

In this age, we are forced to think and talk about the self-esteem of castes and insults in the name of castes. This is what YSR Congress has done to Andhra Pradesh in less than ten years. God save Andhra Pradesh and its people if they get another term.

Yerramsetty Pavan Kumar