Pawan Kalyan Is Only A Number 2 In Janasena Janasena Party Tadepalligudem Incharge Bolisetty Srinivas had once again made critical comments on Nadendla Manohar and his working style.

“There is a coterie around Pawan Kalyan. Even incharges can not meet him. Nadendla Manohar is so insecure that he does not allow anyone even to join the party,” Bolisetty said.

“There are so many leaders who wants to join Janasena but Manohar will not facilitate the meetings saying Pawan Kalyan do not want to meet them but it is not true. Manohar is afraid someone will bulldoze him in the party,” he added.

This is not the first time someone in Janasena party openly criticized Nadendla Manohar’s working style. Bolisetty himself criticized Manohar earlier as well.

But it looks like Pawan Kalyan did not even consider the feedback.

Bolisetty Srinivas is one of the very few grassroots level leaders in Janasena. When he has a feedback, probably the leadership should at least hear to them.