Srikanth Rave Party

The Bengaluru rave party raid has turned into a major headache for a few prominent Tollywood celebrities. Since morning, various celebrities’ names have been dragged into this case.

Actor Srikanth, artist Hema, and choreographer Jaani were among the celebrities falsely linked with this case.

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In the videos that surfaced from the rave party venue, a few individuals were seen half-covering their faces. Looking at those half-covered faces, certain media platforms and netizens started speculating that they were the above-mentioned actors.

When the misleading articles about him went viral on social media, actor Srikanth released a video from his home and confirmed that he was not the one who was arrested in that rave party case.

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“My family and I laughed when we saw these reports in the media. Recently, it was reported that I’m divorcing my wife. Now, it is reported that I am going to a rave party,” said Srikanth.

Srikanth explained that, unfortunately, the person who was caught resembled him when his face was half-covered. He said that he himself was shocked by the resemblance.

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However, Srikanth requested people not to believe these reports. He said that he has no habit of going to pubs or rave parties.

“I didn’t go to any rave party. I’m happily spending time at my home in Hyderabad. Even now, I am recording this video from my home,” he stated.

He also requested the media not to spread fake news and make thumbnails using his face without fact-checking. He thanked his media friends who cross-checked with him when the rumours were out on social media.