Actor Shivaji fires at politicians

Actor Shivaji has recently taken out all his rage over the politicians for playing with people of Andhra Pradesh during the issue of bifurcation. He has spoken his heart out and has pointed out at all the politicians, especially Kiran Kumar Reddy.

He has blamed Kiran Kumar Reddy saying that he did not even make efforts to keep the state united, other than verbally. He said, KKR simply cheated Seema Andhra people by saying I have the last ball and I can stop the bifurcation. Sivaji says Kiran Kumar knew about the bifurcation before hand and he was part of the game.

He also took out on all the politicians of Seemandhra region claiming that they did not care a bit about the state and all they did was business. If they actually cared, they’d have made Seemandhra more reliable by placing few important industries, MNCs and other such offices in this region instead of congesting Hyderabad with all the facilities. But no, all they wanted was money and power.

He mainly addressed the issues faced by students and farmers. Students, now have fewer opportunities because most of the good institutes are in Hyderabad and now, their chances of getting into those have reduced significantly. And not bothering about even one of these issues, all that politicians from Seemandhra did was eating money, he blasted politicians.