Posani Krishna Murali Live Tv Show Abuse VH, Posani Krishna Murali Live Show Abuse V. Hanumantha Rao, Posani VH Live Fight Viral Video Live Tv5 ShowWe have seen the daring nature of the writer turned actor Posani Krishna Murali many times. Sometimes, he turns instinctive and doesn’t seem to be caring even big names, whether it is politics or film industry.

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In the middle of a live debate on the opposition demanding Modi to prove the military action in Kashmir, Posani Krishna Murali was found defending Modi big way. He reasoned how Modi initiated dialogue with Pakistan and even went to Pakistan extending friendship.

Suddenly, senior politician Hanumantha Rao interfered and didn’t allow Posani to talk. Irritated by this, Posani went on saying, “I’m not a mad dog. We are not dogs to fight here. I like Modi because he is an honest person. Who are you to not allow me to talk?” Enraged, the senior politician got up as if threaten.

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Meanwhile Posani started abusing Hanmantha Rao during the verbal fight. Though, communist party leader Narayana tried to interfere, Posani didn’t stop abusing Hanumantha Rao using unparliamentary language. The saga didn’t end there and the rest of the fight would have continued off the camera. That’s Posani again, bold and straight to the point.